A desktop valuation is a remote office-based valuation undertaken without a physical inspection of the property.

Automated Valuations (AVMs) are unsupervised computer-generated estimations of value. Our desktop valuations benefit from the expertise of qualified chartered surveyors combining traditional valuation methods with modern technology.

Most residential properties in England and Wales will be suitable for a desktop valuation, however properties over £1 million and some non-traditional properties are not. If you are in any doubt about your property’s suitability then fill out our online form and it will advise you if we cannot proceed.

No. We only value residential property and are unable to value commercial property e.g. shops, offices and hotels.

It is recommended that a full inspection valuation is undertaken in order for the valuer to provide the most accurate valuation figure. However, a full inspection might not be possible due to time constraints, limited funds or access issues, especially since the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19). You should check with the party receiving the report that they are prepared to accept a desktop valuation. You should inform them that that the report is being carried out by a Chartered Surveyor and Registered Valuer and that the report will be provided in an RICS Red Book format.

Our valuations are completed by Chartered Surveyors and Registered Valuers with considerable residential property experience.

Estate agents’ valuations are usually marketing advice, providing an opinion on the possible price a property might achieve.  These are not considered formal valuations. Chartered Surveyors provide reports in accordance with Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors guidance, and are supported by comparable evidence. These are consider formal reports.

We aim to complete the report within two working days. Some properties require more research and verification. We will keep you informed if this is the case.

Yes. If you change your mind about having the valuation carried out then we offer a full refund. However, the cancellation option is only available up until the moment the report is sent by email.

Yes. Our firm is covered for up to £2 million for any one claim.

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